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Radio One, Inc. Releases Statement

WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Radio One, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROIAK, ROIA) today issued the following statement as a result of comments made by a member of the media, in a public forum, criticizing Radio One and its Chairperson, Catherine Hughes:

"Radio One, Inc. is deeply saddened by the events of last Tuesday in New York and Washington, D.C. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their lives and those who are injured, along with all of their families and friends. We are heartened by the Herculean efforts of the rescue crews and the resurgence of patriotism displayed in many symbolic ways.

Like many radio companies across the nation we mobilized our employees and listeners to demonstrate their support in both word and deed. We encouraged our listeners to make donations. We organized blood drives, prayer vigils and a patriotic rally. We coordinated programming in memory of the victims on our stations nationwide.

Furthermore, like many radio stations, we encouraged and permitted our listeners during this very difficult time to express their opinions, and a very limited number of opinions were clearly controversial. These opinions do not reflect the views of Radio One. This past Monday a member of the media, in a public forum, criticized Radio One and its founder because we permitted these opinions to be expressed. But, even in these most difficult times, we are mindful of the cherished constitutional right to express an opinion, even if it is unpopular and not endorsed by the vast majority of our listeners.

Additionally, today we announced the formation of the Radio One Relief Fund whereby Radio One, its executives and employees will donate $100,000 to help in the relief and healing efforts. We are also mobilizing our more than 10,000,000 listeners around the country to make donations to this fund.

In the face of this unprecedented and unspeakable tragedy we are nonetheless reminded of how great a nation we truly are. Our diversity and freedoms are a significant part of our strength. We are confident that, as a nation, we will rebuild and recover. Radio One will continue to do its part to support our President, our nation and every citizen of America. We will continue to provide information to our listeners. We will continue to organize and support local community events. We will continue to serve our advertisers and our audience and, indeed, our country. God bless America and all Americans."

Radio One is the nation's seventh largest radio broadcasting company (based on 2000 pro forma revenue) in the United States and the largest primarily targeting African-American and urban listeners. Pro forma for all announced acquisitions and operating agreements, the Company owns and/or operates 65 radio stations located in 22 of the largest markets in the United States and programs five channels on the XM Satellite Radio system.

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CONTACT: Scott R. Royster, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial